Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Brain Drain" - What Say You?

"They are more likely to leave their jobs because of the lack of engagement by the companies hiring them. The lack of engagement refers to issues like lack of appreciation and communication by employers and/or the lack of career direction. The worst thing any employer can do is to welcome his new staff, show him his work station, hand him a job description and leave him without any support," Townend said on Brain Drain issue. Manton Townend is the Manpower Inc managing director (Asia emerging markets)
For me:
  • Lack of appreaciation = lower salary and less benefits after long hours of working
  • Lack of communication = no motivation such as compliment for the excellent job you have done.


  1. For me:

    - Lack of appreciation = given tasks which were not in my job description

    - Lack of communication = ur words were not given a damn at all

  2. ehehhehe.... yg atas tu aku cooL lagik...
    tapi yg bawah tu.... aku pon dun give a deym kat org yg dun give a deym for my words!

    ahaha! cerah dan empat segi la kan?