Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sat + Sun + Mon = Hol

merayau, makan-makan, menyakat, men boling, mencapub, mengambel gambo

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i thot there is sumthing wrong with my blog..
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Penggilas mata pisau = Rollerblade

Roller = penggilas

Blade = daun, daun dayung, mata pisau, pedang, pisau cukur

(Source : http://www.kamus.com/)

nak wat citation.. tapi da tak hengat MLA.. APA..hee
heee.. sekian sahaje posting kali ini...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Siaran tertunda Salasa : Tragedi Tesco "Ade Aku Kesah!!"

The incident happened on the same day..
Last Saturday afternoon...
2nd of May 2009
After that "very brilliant" JPJ incident..

We both were very hungry..
Ibu told me she is too lazy to cook lunch today...
(1st hint)
She told me she has this cravingness thingy long long time ago..
(2nd hint)
Then, she told me she wanted to try those foods in Waroeng Penyet...
(Voila! i knew what was on her mind!)

I drove to Mutiara Damansara and decided to park my car in Tesco Parking Area
coz ibu told me that she wanna buy few things from tesco...
so i won't have to pay for the parking la...
(save budget maa... $4.00 tu skali park)

What i can tell u guys about Tesco Parking is only the patient one will survive..
(betol ke bahse aku nih!)
Maksud aku, org yang sabar je la akan tahan dalam pemburuan mencarik parking kat Tesco ni...
I think sort of normal la for all shopping malls, hypermarkets and even supermarkets
will lack of parking space during Sat and Sun (and Pub Hols)
Normally, for me, will have to make about 5 rounds in the parking area
till i found the unoccupied parking space.

But that day was different...
I entered the parking area and ibu saw one chinese couple..
was pushing their loaded trolley..
I followed that couple until they reached their car which was nearby...
there were 2 cars waiting..
I saw 1 gigantic Harrier and 1 small Wira.. ( if not mistaken..)
So i parked in between those 2 cars and switched on my right signal light so that ppl will notify that the parking is mine...
Still waiting for that couple to unload the trolley...
While waiting for the couple, i usha2 around...
Within few minutes, the couple settled with their things and Vroom they went off...
Confidently, i parked my car..
Satisfied and excited!
(Never thot that, i was gonna get the parking as soon as this one)

Suddenly, i heard someone honked at the back...
I told ibu, "takkan la die nak paking kat sini kot?"
"da konfem2 kite yang follow Cina tadi tu."
Ibu answered, " Entahlah..."
I looked at the back and saw one man including his family inside the car...
With angry and dissatisfied look (i mean that man lah)
he still honking at me..

My hands were shaking that time...
I was sooooooo damn angry...
That man really pissed me off!!!
Ibu just sat still inside the car...
I just cannot TAHAN anymore...
I decided to confront that haram jadah!
I walked towards him and trying to relax..
I asked him politely with my hands still shaking while holding the car key..
"Encik nak perking kat sini ke?"
He responded angrily,
I tried to tone down my voice even though only God knows how mad i was at that time..
"Tapi encik, saye dah follow Chinese ni dari depan lorong lagi.. dari kat tiang depan tu.."
With a very harsh voice, he answered,
That time i cannot controlled me self anymore...
(dalam hati aku da start to curse b#b* h$r@m j%d*h s$%l pa die ni!!)
I burst out!
(a very,very huge and massive one)

(Gambar sekadar hiasan)

Please refer to the below scene:


Encik-yang-jadah-tahap-maksimum: YANG KO TAK PUAS ATI APSAL?

(Eh! Hello! Bodoh! Aku tak puas ati memang la wajeb sebab ngko berebot parking aku..
yang ko tu tak puas ati ngan aku yang innocent lagi berbudi ni apsal lak? Dasar monyet jadi-jadian!)


Encik-yang-jadah-tahap-maksimum: AHHH! DA LAH.. KO NAK PAKING.. PAKING LA...(He scolded me with a very loud voice until everyone can hear!!)

Istri-kepada-Encik-Jadah : TAK PE LA! DA PAKING, PAKING LA!

It happened very fast.
Suddenly, ibu came out from the car and asked with a very normal voice tone,
"Ni kenape ni?"
She stared at Encik Jadah,
" Encik nak parking kat sini ke?"
Encik Jadah answered,
"Tak pe la.. da paking-paking la.."
Fizz yang chummel spontaneously said,
"Klu encik nak sgt, amekla.. saye klua, encik paking la kat sini.."
Encik Jadah responded,
"Tak pe la.. parking la... saye da tunggu lame da kat sini.."
"dah 2 kali da saye round"
Pegi mamposla dengan 2 kali round kat parking tu..

He drove his car and i kept staring at the jerk's face until he has gone..
He such an annoying creature!
Big Jerk! Big Bully!

WTF! It was none of my bisnes u moron!
i saw that couple first and followed 'em to the car.
Whats more did u want to argue??!!
Huh! it is not like "first come first serve" kinda service la bodoh!
What do you expect me to do?
Oleh sebab ko dah tercotok lame kat situ,
so parking tu ko yang punye??!!
Did u think i will give that damn parking space to u?
If u were the one who have been following 'em..
Then u have the rights to argue..
If thats the case, i, willingly will take the blame la bongoks!

fyi, the driver is Malay!!
Our own MELAYU!!

Siaran tertunda Isnani : Kereta Peronda JPJ

Last Saturday,
One fine mornin, ibu asked me whether i got plan or not...
I just smiled at her and said, "Takde la.. Ahad ade la.. Nape bu?"
She wanted to bring Embun (our mummy cat) to the veterinary.
We went to Kota Damansara, Klinik Haiwan Dr. Bun..
(Heee heee... Kinda like with the doc's name...)
Unfortunately, the clinic was closed...
Ibu took all the details,
the opening hours and contact number.
We decided to come again next week.

Then, i continued to drive and i took a right turn..
From far, i can saw the JPJ's car already..
The driver was trying to do reverse parking...
(hek eleh macam terer beno)
The good thing, the parking boxes was damn empty..
There were no cars at all...
The bad thing, i got stuck in the middle of the road coz i needed to wait for those
"very brilliant" JPJ officers
parked their car inside the parking box..
I just waited and was not blocking their way...
(Yeah! True! My mum can be a witness)
The weirdest thing, after they have "successfully" parked the car,
(in about few minutes later i guess..)
they honked me as if i have done terrible mistake...
Hey! U guys blind or what?
Can't u see i waited patiently u moron!
I stared at 'em even though i knew that they won't be able to see my angry eyes as
i was wearing sunnies that time..
(wish i can be like cyclops,
only one stare, i manage to melt down all those JPJs including their car)

(Gambar di atas sekadar hiasan semata-mata)

Nota Maut:
WTF! Beso sgt ke ko sampai nak hon-hon aku!
Yang beso pon perot je..
Mane tak nyer, gamaknye nak melantak kat maple Subaidah..
tu yang tak menyempat-nyempat nak parking...
nak mentekedarah!!

P/S : Parental Guidance needed (PG13) as the language might be a bit offended.

Siaran tertunda Wahid : Labour Day ! Yay!

Di kala kalian semua sedang enjoy cuti Hari Pekerja...
Hamba berada di ofis berdepan ngan PC dan juga tugasan yang harus diselesaikan...
Hurm... Pity me....

All of sudden felt one kind..
Office room became very silent and more spacious...
There were only few ppl in the office till u can count 'em

But hey... it was not that bad at all..
Working on Pub Hol..
I had this crazee idea due to the super duper, hyper and max boringness stuck in the office..
I suggested, " How abour we go for lunch at Ikea?"
( coz suddenly was craving for the meatballs)
always be me & my cravingness ; )
My officemates (name harus dirahsiakan atas sebab2 tertentu) agreed with the idea..
We went there around 11.30 and reached office around 2.15.. haha!
After we had our lunch, my 1st officemate suddenly said she wanna go inside Ikea
and check on the stuff she can buy..
So, me and the 2nd officemate just nodded and said "OK!"
That's why we took about 3 hours for our lunch..
Luckily, our "beloved" boss (remember the lady i told u guys in my previous post)
was not in office that day...
She was on leave..

Finished with all my work...
(sebenanye tak banyak keje pon compare to the last closing on last Thursday)
Time to say Bye Bye Bye to the Aussies
Shut down my machine
Rushed back home at 3.15
VrooM VrooM VrooM